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Progressive ambient rock with a strong emphasis on intelligent lyrics and lush musical arrangements.



We write, play, record and produce our own material. Our 2021 album 'Bonehouse' was made during lockdown. Our latest album 'Rare Brew' is a collection of our favourite material, updated and remastered for 2022. We filmed the videos for 'Argus' and 'To be known' at home and on location in the Chiltern Hills.

Reviewers compare us to...

Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Imogen Heap, Fleet Foxes, Bjork

Recent review extracts...

'...immersive, emotional and otherworldly listening experience... refreshing and eclectic... unique fusion of nostalgia and currently untravelled terrain....' (Full reviews HERE)

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Contact Information...

Names: Lindsey Mackie, David Mackie



Phone: +44 (0)1753 882720

Based: London, UK

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