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Plaques and Tangles

“Suris kissed the emerging light of the morning sun with their song All Over Again. A hopeful soul freshly exposed and vulnerable. The lyrics, vocals and instrumentals fit together seamlessly, creating a beautiful dream-like harmony.”


“This song's structure is so interesting and exciting and honestly feels otherworldly. It's amazingly complex and makes the hair stand up on my arms, so well done.”


“This is the kind of song that just about anybody can enjoy because your voice is inspiring and you really bring the music to life with your passion and your dedication. This is excellent music.”


“Overall, I would definitely have to say that this song is a masterpiece. Your singing talent is really captivating and inspiring to listen to as well.”


“The artists voice is so wonderful, all the instruments are absolutely amazing, the acoustic goes well with everything, it just sounds awesome…”


“I just love the voice of this singer. It's distinctive and distinguished. This priceless song has this right beat and right lyrics. Kudos to the band.”


“I had an amazing time listening to all her music, she is very talented and I hope she makes it far. The whole song was great, and all the instruments were on point.”


“Her music just makes me so happy, and I liked how the song just started with a piano and slowly introduced other elements to the song. Her voice is amazing.”


“I think that this song is perfectly-crafted and it is one of the best new songs that I have recently heard from a new artist…”


"The group has something special. Their sound is very different. I haven’t heard anything like if for a while and I just love it."

"Interesting intro, Unique vocals…beautiful strong guitar and catchy beat. The kind of song you’d expect to hear in a film with a European dance club scene."

"The song is great. Haunting and beautiful vocals…The melody is alluring and intriguing. The lyrics are powerful and well put together. They are both calming and seductive with a touch of edge thrown in. The instruments are stunning and zany. Wacky, different and ambitious and I think it is amazing."

"Great sound to it. No 1 hit on an adult radio station. I’d buy this for a gift and would go to a concert. Maybe good song for a movie or a hit TV show as well."

"A great example of a soft pop song with delicate harmonies that just work beautifully. Great melody with a chorus that takes you back to the 70s, it really captures a vintage feel with a modern edge. The brilliance of this track is the simplicity of the sound that plays behind a gentle and well thought vocal. Would be a great track to feature on a movie soundtrack."

"This song is great. The introduction was alluring and engaging. The lyrics were passionate and something many people will be able to relate to. The vocals were strong and melodic. The background vocals and instrumentals gave the song a lot of emotion and feeling and created an atmospheric feel. I liked this song because it was alluring and fragile and I think it has a lot of commercial potential."

"Beautiful, moving and truly romantic song with a retro-yet-timeless quality. I think it would make great background music to any meaningful movie scene."

"The monumental beginning of the track opens the doorway to a smorgasbord of sounds. The beautiful vocals, paired with the highly experimental production concocts the perfect recipe for success."

Reviews of 'Absolute Zero' Video

By Michael McCarthy


"Absolute Zero” is the second single from SURIS’ album LEAP.  And what a glorious single it is.  Duo Lindsey and Dave Mackie — a real life couple — have truly created something special with LEAP, which we’ll be reviewing shortly.  In the meantime, we just had to turn you onto “Absolute Zero,” which is one of the most stunning and breath-taking songs we’ve stumbled upon in months. 

Lindsey’s voice has a very unique sound yet sounds instantly familiar.  And she’s capable of making you feel multiple emotions all within the course of a single song, her voice sometimes seductive, sometimes standoffish and alternating between sounding grounded and ethereal.  That’s quite a gift.  Clearly, she was destined to make music and when we listen to “Absolute Zero” we almost believe in fate, thinking about how so many things had to happen to lead her to the point of crafting this song… It’s kind of mind-blowing.


In any case, give it a listen and make sure to watch the video, too.  It’s one of the most original videos we’ve seen in years and it’s spell-binding at that.

By Michael Hayball


Suris is led by its two members, Lindsey and Dave Mackie, and they have a great origin story. They met at college, as some couples do, and began recording with only a tiny four track recorder. Their unique sound attracted bigwigs from Ensign Records and Polygram (!), and singer Lindsey even won a talent contest for Sky TV. This is their new single and subsequent video.

The video itself is a beautiful work, reminiscent of the “On” Video by Aphex twin. Set in the Desierto Del Tabernas, Spain, the environment itself conjures up the intimacy evoked by the singer’s warm, inviting voice. The lyrics themselves set the tone for the video. Lindsey sings in complex, intelligent ways about getting over a past lover. She sings, “After such a fire/you’d think there would be ash/Think your wrecking ball/had left me bereft/and yet my mouth is fresh….”Lindsey has an almost supernatural, witchy presence, which works with the frequent Fleetwood Mac comparisons Suris gets. She becomes conjured from the desert, along with faces and fingers made of rock and sand.

Suris is a solid group, and Absolute Zero wouldn’t be out of place on a play list of artists like Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell or even contemporaries like Lorde. Definitely check them out…