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Suris are Lindsey and David Mackie. They are back with a new organic single full of heart and intrigue to all listeners. It’s called ‘Argus‘ and this is the perfect song to meditate to in 2020.


With a vibrant start, the background sounds grab you and this is something you haven’t heard much before. Soon, we are dazzled by the beautiful vocals, these are noises that we like. Such clear vocals and these two work so well together. This is a stunning song, full of intricate details, there is a rhythm here that is missing from most new songs.


This is proper music, with layers and a light that shines through all your worries. There is an alternative wonderland here, everything is so vivid and I get lost in this indie-soundscape track.


Suris break down more barriers with ‘Argus‘ and you can see why they are so successful, well-respected and admired throughout. This is poetic, this has an orchestra type of feel, this is melodic and stirs your insides like a hot cuppa tea.

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Beginning with an ominous pedal tone beneath atmospheric and intricate vocal harmonies, Argus quickly finds a lilting groove with classic inflections - building into a smooth and soulful chorus in a showcase of Suris' intimate musicality!  Lovely lead vocal tones and rich instrumentations conjure subtle parallels of ambient Prog Rock as Suris expands the mystery and magnetism of Argus through cryptically picturesque lyricism and masterfully subversive harmonic developments.


Suris has captured an ethereal charm with Argus, weaving an immersive sound from rich instrumental tones and surprising harmonies.  The airy lead vocals lend a specific dreaminess to the sound, and a certain poetic gravity to the lyrics and melodies - while the opening harmonies perfectly set the stage for an otherworldly listening experience.  All in all, everything feels carefully and critically selected, musically refined, and fully intentional in a way that takes listeners for a fully engaging sonic trip!


The sound and feel of Suris' Argus have a pleasant leaning towards Classic Prog Rock, with the vocals and harmonies eliciting comparisons to bands like Yes.  Argus' delicate and ethereal qualities speak to modern Psychedelic Indie and Trip Hop sounds, with another comparison to the warmer, folkier tones of groups like Fleet Foxes.  Fans of immersive and emotionally poignant Ambient music will find more than enough to sink into with Suris' work, and the specific experience of Argus is sure to invite plenty of repeat listeners!

Queen of the Night

Instilling a sense of metomorphic transition through a steadily shifting soundscape, Suris' Queen of the Night gradually transforms from an uneasy isolation into a musical affirmation of love and light!  Bearing a classic sound and a vast musicality, Queen of the Night masterfully mirrors the cycles of anxiety and actualization that are familiar to so many. Things open up very nicely at 3:33 - captures the cycles of anxiety and reprieve.


This is a wonderfully musical work of art!  The sparse soundscape of Queen of the Night's introductory moments does well to communicate a struggle; a perseverance of character as the lyrics encourage steady progress through unnamed difficulties.  Then, as things have become more abstract and intense, they open up so sweetly at 3:33 that the listener can practically feel the weight lifted from their shoulders.  It's very understated and deeply impactful!  Beautiful vocal qualities and a very strong sense of arrival.  Great work!


Listeners with an appreciation for timeless instrumental soundscapes and soul-searching auditory experiences will find Suris to be a band worth following, and the full breadth of Queen of the Night's cathartic and transformative properties stand to resonate with nearly anyone who listens in!  Contemplative and ultimately comforting, Queen of the Night is an artfully ambitious piece of Ambient Pop that's bound to draw you in!

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Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process - from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.

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Argus, Queen of the Night and Wanted

Fresh from their upcoming Album Bonehouse, Argus introduces the SURIS sound and creative vision as poetic, thoughtful, and melodically engaging.

Leading with a stylish riff and organic set-up for the most part, Argus goes on to follow the leading vocalist’s deep and mellow tone through a series of images and intriguing poetic reflections.

While the verses have a certain softness and uncertainty about them, the hook undoubtedly sees things brighten up – lifting the energy of the room with a colorful resolve – and this is effectively reinforced in the accompanying visuals.

A self-crafted project and a further testament to the indie world’s dedication, the single and video strike with a certain bold yet calming aura – lyrics like Trust my vision, I see those battle scars stand out amidst the story-line and linger in a way that feels strangely relatable. Elsewhere the whole thing creates a kind of alternative wonderland.

Also from the upcoming album Bonehouse are the singles Queen Of The Night and Wanted. The former leads with a simple few piano notes, and a decidedly more breathy, raspy vocal whisper from singer Lindsey. One particular lyric repeats and echoes through with a sense of longing and possibility united, before the vocal passionately rises up to reinforce the latter of these.

It’s a creatively interesting song, and strangely captivating considering its lyrical simplicity. The completed piece is an artistic expression, and the music and delivery tell far more of the story or represent the underlying emotions more strongly than the lyrics alone. The arrangement mesmerizes and simultaneously inspires a sense of peace and personal strength as it pours through. Beautiful.

Wanted features a fuller set-up, though the instrumental details and the voice, the lyrics, all now have a clear calling card about them – threads that keep the sound relevant to SURIS. A pop-rock hit with a touch of melancholic realism initially, evolving to become yet another bright and hopeful experience, with talk and an overall vibe relating to freedom and progressing through struggle.

Slowly but surely the SURIS creative intention makes itself clear in refreshing, eclectic ways throughout their releases.

Artistic songwriting and composition, superb production, and a unique fusion of nostalgia and currently untraveled terrain. Likely to be an album well worth delving in to.

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Rebecca Cullen is a musician and songwriter - and founding editor of Stereo Stickman - an online music magazine providing the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience. 40,000 subscribers can't be wrong!

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