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A restless hybrid...


Lindsey and Dave’s musical collaboration began in their early marriage. They met as students at the University of East Anglia. Their paths first crossed at a gig in aid of the Vietnamese boat people where they were both playing – Lindsey fronting The Clynics, a Siouxsie/Blondie fusion and Dave playing guitar in punk band Capitalist Music.  Both bands featured on the compilation ‘Welcome to Norwich – A Fine City’.

Starting as a recording adventure with only a four- track cassette recorder, Lindsey and Dave then formed Rare with Simon Welander. Inspired by albums like Talking Heads' Remain In Light, King Crimson's Discipline and Japan's Tin Drum, Dave and Simon laid down intricately textured guitars and rhythms, onto which Lindsey layered chords and lyrics. Working within its limitations by endlessly bouncing down tracks, they managed to create a rich and arresting sound. The resulting demo caught the attention of Nigel Grainge at Ensign Records, and later as an extended line-up, David Munns at Polygram.

An upgraded 8-track studio coincided with Lindsey winning a Sky sponsored talent show for her song ‘Never Enough’. The prize was to shoot the video for ‘Take all she brings’ with a Sky production team.

Just as the industry was beginning to take notice, the untimely death of her manager meant she lost her chief hustler and to further complicate the mix, she became pregnant. This began another stage in this couple’s unconventional approach to making music and two children later, the Mackies remain doggedly self-sufficient, instinctive and passionately committed to the song. They finish off each other’s musical sentences, are multi- instrumentalists and, with a family and real life to skim off affectations, there’s little time or interest in ego.

There has also been time for Lindsey’s novel ‘ASO’ with an accompanying suite of songs  – a piece of speculative fiction set in 2050 Britain, from where the word Suris comes. This website also features a number of Lindsey's short stories and poems.

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