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New Stuff

May 2024

We're getting busy again after a year of change and challenge.

We'll keep this area updated with new songs as we finish them - hope you enjoy...

About Rare Brew

June 2022

A curated selection of music from our previous albums; all re-mastered for 2022. This album was released to streaming platforms on 2nd June.

The tracks were recorded from 2005 - 2015, although "Big Ship',  'All Over Again' and 'Vertigo' were first recorded on an 8 track reel-to-reel tape recorder in 1992. Elements of those original recordings are still present in these versions.

Today we record digitally at 48 KHz / 24-bit, but this selection was recorded at the 'CD Standard' of 44.1 KHz / 16-bit.

About Bonehouse

29th April 2021

This collection has come together over the last 15 months. The time has allowed us to explore new musical directions and while normal horizons are stolen, the adventure has been both surprising and unsettling.

From the progressive and choral opening in Argus, through the rhythmic spikey jungle pop of To be known and Bonehouse, the atmospheric rock of Wanted and Eclipse, the balladic anthems of Found and Stir, the dreamscapes of Unsettled Night and Fret to the singular hypnotic delivery of Queen of the Night, we have tried to create the unexpected.


The songs journey themes of Escape, Rescue, Refuge, Identity and Legacy. However challenging these experiences are, they are fleeting and it is important to us that they are hopeful.

Words from reviewers:

Immersive…emotional…otherworldly listening experience…musically refined…refreshing and eclectic…unique fusion of nostalgia and current untravelled terrain…tireless instrumental landscape…soul-searching auditory experience.

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